Our Approach

HWR Leadership Development Program

The How Women Rise Program:
2 Learning Pathways

The HWR Leadership Program is a comprehensive online, blended learning program brought right to the doorstep of your organization. The program uses interactive yet reflective development activities to help participants learn strategies and best practices for overcoming the habits that hold women back from achieving greater success. Through this program, organizations can additionally develop and certify their very own in-house How Women Rise Trainers.

The Ameliorate Group is Sally Helgesen’s chosen partner to bring the HWR Leadership Program to your organization. The program gives you a choice between two learning pathways: “Rise for Impact” and “Rise for Scale.” “Rise for Impact” is an online workshop series to expand self-awareness and train participants to take targeted actions to increase their impact at work. “Rise for Scale” is a train-the-trainer program that allows trainers to build an in-house delivery team to scale program learnings across the organization.

Help your organization to Rise


Transform the female work experience by establishing new ways of working for maximum leadership presence.


Bring both genders together in dialogue to understand and appreciate how gender impacts work styles.


Aid collaboration, support gender balance and achieve D&I objectives, through an examination of women’s work behaviors.


Join a global platform linking a community of professionals trained in the HWR method around the world and across sectors.

Rise for IMPACT – A Workshop

Rise for impact is your organization’s solution to becoming more inclusive by helping women overcome the habits that hold them back. Certified trainers deliver the workshop to your organization.


Rise for SCALE – Train the Trainer

Rise for Scale is your opportunity to build upon the training received with the Rise for Impact program and build an internal team of certified How Women Rise Trainers for organization-wide impact.